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April 2015

We are proud to announce the first issue of the NRC newsletter "The Loop".
"The Loop" is the Nolensville Running Club's quarterly newsletter that begins with the April 2015 issue.  Thanks to John Dunn and his newsletter team, this publication is the club's latest way to bring upcoming NRC information and topics of interest to our members.  To view the entire issue, visit "The Loop Newsletter" tab here on the website.
To submit ideas for future issues contact John Dunn.

  April 2015

NRC Couch to 5k Program 2015!

C25k (2)Each year NRC organizes a FREE Couch to 5k program in order to promote a healthier lifestyle in our community!  Through NRC members volunteering their time as coaches and mentors, participants will be encouraged and coached toward completing their first 5k! - The Change For a Chance 5K on June 20, 2015 right here in Nolensville.
An informational meeting will be held on Thursday, April 23rd at 6:30 p.m. at the Nolensville Town Hall.
Mondays and Thursdays beginning on April 27th will be the two days each week that all groups will meet for training runs.  These group runs will meet at the Nolensville Elementary School at 6:15 p.m.  On the first meeting day on the 27th, you will participate in a time trial to help us determine training groups.  You will be grouped with others that match your current fitness level and goals.  This is an amazing program and we are excited that this will be our 3rd year encouraging new runners. There have been so many success stories that have their roots in this program!!  To sign up for the program, please click  HERE!!
Questions can be emailed to Scott Alexander or Wendy Mucci.





While you are here visiting our website, don't forget to read about our newest Runner's of the Month!!  Elizabeth Pfeiffer and John Dunn.  It's a great way to learn a little more about our members.  Thanks as always to Amy Owsley for the outstanding articles.IMG_1634_2

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